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Time tracker

Google and Excel sheets are fine for hobby projects - but real billable work? Ain't nobody got time for that.


Task manager

You know how you put your tasks on stacked post-it notes and carry them around? That has to end.


Pomodoro timer

The most advanced and customizable pomodoro timer version on the entire internet. Free for everyone.



You have better things to do than carry around tickets and receipts from your last business trip, don't you?


Apps & addons

App for iPhone or Android. Chrome extension. Firefox addon. Take a look.



Detailed, automatically generated. Download them as PDF or Excel and use them as an attachment to your invoices.


Keep it clean

Create & assign projects, clients or labels to anything. Filter & create templates. Keeping things organized saves time.



How many hours have you devoted to each client? Which projects are the most profitable ones?


Hourly rate

Immediately see which projects or clients you should keep and which ones you should dump.



How are you doing this week? How about last week? Or last month? Check out your most recent data.



Invite & manage team members. Assign hourly rates. Share projects, clients & labels across team.


Team board

Quick team overview. Editable team board for announcements. Check who is the most hardworking member.



Custom logo, team name or subdomain. Change anytime. And we still take care of the hosting.

Time tracker
Yes, we have #darkmode
Pomodoro timer
Dashboard with #darkmode Reporting Team timesheet Team dashboard Team management Projects list
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People wrote
Yeah, but what if..
Look, here's the deal
  • This is an independent, profitable software that you can count on.
  • Tasklog has been around since 2013.
    It's getting regular updates and is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Run by a specific person - me. Without corporate annoyances.
  • Problems? Questions? Something doesn't work?
    No support agents. No bullshit. I made this I will solve your issue in minutes.
  • Made exactly for the needs of online professionals - because I am one of them.
  • Doesn't have to fulfill any monthly/quarterly goals to make the management (or anyone) happy.
  • Your data is safe and you can download it anytime.
    Noone can access servers where your data is stored.
    You can close your account anytime.
  • Made for freelancers.
    I add features based on user needs and hide the ones noone uses anymore.
  • The price is fair - Two of coffee / month or lifetime license. 30 day trial.
    Not happy? I will refund your purchase within the first month.


Time tracking
Task management
iOS & Android app
Chrome & Firefox addon
Pomodoro timer
Dark mode
$ 0 free forever
You already got this


Everything from basic
Detailed timesheets
Cool reports
Helpful dashboard
Advanced search
Projects, clients, tags
Free 30-day trial
$ 0.17 / day billed yearly ($59 per year)


Remember old times when you could actually buy software?
Get lifetime membership with all the premium functions and say bye to monthly payments.
Free 30-day trial
$ 99 / life one-time purchase

That's two of coffee / month - not bad for a software that will save you hours of work.

Why isn't Tasklog completely free?

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Productive week? Share your achievements and milestones!

Weekly overview

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