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Tasklog is now an OPEN not-a-startup, sharing it's data live with everyone.

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Well, here we are. Tasklog is doing well in 2024 thanks to it's customers. Thank you!

It's still an Indie project and not a startup.

Since I wanted to keep this timeline simple, I didn't list all the Tasklog features. If you are interested, the list is here.

There is also a b2b version for teams and companies.

Tomatoid becomes Tasklog

If there is one thing you don't want to waste your time on, it's rebranding your project.

That is, unless the purpose has changed and the old name has no more corelation with the new direction whatsoever. This exactly happened to Tasklog (formerly Tomatoid).

Hello, tasklog.app!

Mobile apps & browser addons

Made iOS app, followed by Android app and few months later also Chrome & Firefox addons.

Premium functions

Tomatoid becomes full-blown alternative to other time tracking and productivity apps while still maintaining the indie feel.

You can now create and assign projects, clients and tags. Create, save and export timesheets or reports. There is also cool new dashboard.

To-dos & checklists

With both classic and pomodoro timer, I was able to track all my time in my new app.

I was, however, frequently switching from Tomatoid to other task management app(s) and checking my todos, checklists and inboxes. That’s how the todos section was born.

Classic time tracker

At this time, Tomatoid was still just a pomodoro timer.

However, I soon needed the classic time tracking (stopwatch) as well because sometimes you just have to do a bunch of small tasks and you can’t really use the pomodoro technique.

That’s how the classic timer was added.

First public version

It took me a whole f*cking year! The first version was finally released in late 2014 at tomatoid.com.

Launched from my bedroom. And by "launch" I mean publishing the website and telling my coworkers on Facebook.

Fun fact, my original estimate for the development of the MVP was 1 month. I was off only by 1200%.

First line of code

The works on Tomatoid started in late 2013. I couldn’t find any online pomodoro timer that would fit my needs, so I decided to build my own.

First Tomatoid logo

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