Tasklog started as personal project in late 2013.

I couldn’t find any online pomodoro timer that would fit my needs, so I decided to build my own.

It took me a whole f*cking year! The first version was finally released in late 2014.

At the time, it was still just a pomodoro timer. However, I started to need the classic (stopwatch) time tracking pretty soon because sometimes you just have to do a bunch of small tasks and you can’t really use the pomodoro technique. That’s how the classic timer was added.

With both classic and pomodoro timer, I was able to track all my time in my new app.

I was, however, frequently switching from Tasklog to other task management app(s) and checking my todos, checklists and inboxes. That’s how the todos section was born.

That’s pretty much it!
Tasklog also contains a lot of other features necessary for freelancing:

  • History with advanced filter
  • Reporting with the ability to export as pdf, excel, openoffice or csv file
  • Weekly and monthly overview
  • iCal feed
  • Toggl & Trello integration
  • Client management
  • Projects
  • Tags
  • Notes
  • … and some other stuff

Why use Tasklog?
Because I am both author and user. I personally use and test it daily. Everything is in one place. Also, if you encounter any problem, you know exactly who to contact.

Start using Tasklog