This article explains the synchronization process between Tasklog app and Toggl, available for the premium users

What can you sync

You can export tasks, projects, clients and tags. Each one of them either continually or just once. “Continually” means that any future changes of any item (task, client, …) will be updated in Toggl as well. “Just once” option only creates the item, without any future updates.


The list of data exported with each task is as follows:

  • Task name,
  • workspace relation,
  • start,
  • end,
  • duration,
  • project (if enabled),
  • tags (if enabled).

Tasks sync example


The list of data exported with each project is as follows:

  • Project name,
  • workspace relation,
  • active status,
  • client (if enabled).

The active status on Toggl is linked with the trashed status on Tasklog.

Projects sync - Toggl

Projects sync example


The list of data exported with each client is as follows:

  • Client name,
  • workspace relation.
Example of clients sync

Clients sync example


The list of data exported with each tag is as follows:

  • Tag name,
  • workspace relation.

Tags sync example

How to obtain the API key

  1. First, log in to your Toggl account
  2. Navigate to profile settings (figure 1, 2)
  3. Copy the API key from bottom of the page (figure 3)
  4. Paste the API key to Tasklog export settings (figure 4)

Figure 1 – Navigate to profile settings


Figure 2 – Navigate to profile settings


Figure 3 – Copy the API key


Figure 4 – Paste the API key

Sync FAQ

  • How often does the synchronization runs?
    • The server runs everyone’s sync at least once per hour. Usually often. If you do not see any changes after 90 minutes, please let me know via the support section.
  • Will the synchronization affect any of my current or future data?
    • Tasklog will never interfere with data not created on Tasklog website. That means none of your current and future data created in Toggl will be ever touched by the sync.


Something was not exported, updated or deleted properly?

First, check your sync settings.

  • Have you generated your API Key?
  • Have you selected your default workspace? Does this workspace really exists in Toggl?
  • Is the right export enabled? Is it set to Just once or Continually?

Second, check the sync settings right column.

  • Is there a recent date next to the Last sync heading?
  • Are there numbers indicating something happened in the Last status box?
  • Have you waited at least 1 hour before checking for the changes?

If none of the above helps, please let me know via the support section.